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BMW M5 Performance Edition Is A Rare Beast


The BMW M5 is a very special indeed. The original founded a formula so potent that rivals for decades after would try and reproduce it. A practical luxury saloon that is capable of pure hooliganism a the drop of a hat. This machine is the automotive Jekyll and Hyde with both contrasting personalities coming together to form an astonishing piece of kit. The latest M5 continues this tradition but BMW has now felt the need to crank it up to 11 so to speak.

Being people who appreciate a good bargain, this Performance Edition kicks things off with £22,075 worth of optional gear as standard. Quite the saving! This includes those delectable double spoke rims, M sport seats, a 12 speaker sound system as well as access to the internet. Making this car a little more special is a boost in power bringing the total to 560BHP. This M5 comes in three unique colours and BMW say that they will only produce 30 units, all have been designated to the UK market.

Free toys, more power and exclusivity that will make this car a collectors fancy one day. What’s not to like?