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Shanghai Motor Show: BMW X4 Concept is an Ugly Duckling, Will Never Turn into a Swan


BMW X4 Concept rearMany manufacturers are desperately trying to find an undiscovered niche in the market that will take the automotive world by storm. Previous cults such as baby SUVs and a recent wave of shooting breaks have proven popular, but the question is what will be the next big craze? BMW have revealed the X4 Concept in hope of this car being the answer.

Anyone else thinking that BMW are struggling for ideas for new products? The X4 Concept is basically what the X6 is to the X5. The aim is to blend sports car looks with a crossover body and as with the X6 the results here are akin to Frankenstein’s monster. Apart from from a vomit inducing appearance, the X4 will likely fall into the same pitfall of the X6. By putting two polar opposite segments together in one car you end up with the worst of both worlds. It is too tall and heavy to handle like a sports car, but too road focused to be any good when the path ahead gets bumpy. Of course people will buy it when it comes into showrooms, but it will hardly be BMW’s finest hour.

BMW X4 Concept profileBMW X4 Concept front