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Bugatti Shock! Electric Hyper Car?


Bugatti have always tried to push the boundaries, the Veyron a clear case of this, but being eco-friendly has never really been top of their agenda. I mean at 253MPH it is said that the Veyron’s payload of fuel will only last 12 minutes, so we are guessing the subject of polar bears never came up at the meeting. However, whisperings of an all-electric Bugatti have been around for a while, but could this be confirmation?

Now don’t take this a gospel as it is only one motoring journal that has reported this information and no other. Auto Express claim to have a source deep within Bugatti that has leaked this information to them, regardless if it’s true or not it makes for some very interesting reading. Supposedly based on a Bentley Continental GT the working prototype can deliver a mindboggling 2,200nm of torque off the line. That’s enough to send your eyeballs into your head bounce them off the back of your skull and leave them in their original position! Auto Express’ source states that this car has “unbelievable acceleration” but at its maximum potential the batteries only last “a matter of minutes.” The two battery packs produce a rumoured 800BHP, that’s more than enough to blow away any green-mobile in existence.

If this is all to be believed this machine will become the worlds fastest and most powerful electric vehicle in existence, though the Auto Express source couldn’t confirm that this prototype would meet with public eyes.