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Build Your Ferrari FF


Ferrari’s latest Italian stallion could be argued to be a rather unconventional one. It replaces the much loved 612 in the four-seat GT segment of the line-up yet it is very different to its predecessor. Visually it strikes out at the shooting break market with seating for four and vast quantities of boot space. Also it is equipped with the Italian’s first four-wheel-drive system enabling that epic performance from its 6.3 litre V12 in all conditions. Ferrari has just made public their new FF configuration, something we have found to be taking up a fair amount of time in the Inside Lane office.

As always there is a plentiful rainbow of colours to choose from but we are big fans of this metallic blue with black rims and the addition of red brake callipers. Inside our FF is a combination of black and beige alcantara that covers the sumptuous seats, also note our understated black and grey rev counter. Give it a go yourselves but be warned that you may lose a sizable chunk of your day.