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Build Your Perrrrr-fect Jaguar F-Type


There is no doubting that the Jaguar F-Type lived up to all of its hype. Over 50 years after the legendary E-Type, this new car had to impress. The low slung two seater is extraordinarily handsome and comes with a range of V6’s and a V8. Full details on exactly what this new “pussy cat” is all about can be found HERE. For those already salivating, Jaguar is providing the time waster of your day so for.

The F-Type configurator has gone live and for those with the money, you can now build your dream Jag whilst the rest of us carry on dreaming. There is a wide variety of options and for our specific car we chose this rather stormy grey with matching hood. What engine did we go for? Well as the original E-Type is most sought after in Series 1 guise the V6 in this car could become a future classic. Inside our dark theme continues throughout the cockpit that is also garnished with some red stitching to match the calipers.

Try it yourself HERE.