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Building the Ferrari FXX K


Ferrari FXX K buildLaFerrari is very much a future icon, a watershed moment in Ferrari history where again the Italians came together to build the best car they are capable of. Incorporating hybrid technology from Formula One, but retaining a mighty V12 engine. All 499 examples have been sold and even the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Justin Bieber have had to buy one second hand. However, the ultimate incarnation of LaFerrari comes in the form of the new track based Ferrari FXX K.

The Ferrari FXX K, much like the FXX and 599XX before it, is a customer program Ferrari run to gather data and develop new models. The extreme LaFerrari produces 1,021BHP from its 6.3 litre V12 engine and battery. A video from Ferrari shows the design process that was undertaken in order to create this beast. From a clay model to the prototype hitting the test track, it is well worth a watch. Extensive aerodynamic work had to be done which now produces over 540KG of downforce for the car. That is double what LaFerrari generates at 120MPH. 0-62MPH takes less than 3 seconds.

Check out the video below or head HERE for full details on Ferrari FXX K.