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Can LaFerrari Beat the McLaren P1?


LaFerrari F40 EnzoNow I am sure most of you watched last nights episode of Top Gear which ended with not a bang, but a whimper. The BBC show was all ready to host the death match of the decade between the Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. Problems arose from McLaren wanting Ferrari to provide a car direct from the production line as opposed to one from a press fleet, which may have been tinkered with, to give an advantage. It was then said McLaren didn’t want to face the Porsche on the Top Gear track. To CLARIFY, McLaren put out a tweet saying that they don’t have an issue with racing on the Top Gear test track as long as Ferrari don’t send a host of mechanics to set-up LaFerrari for this environment in particular.

So, it appears the ball is in Ferrari’s court. The reason they have an issue is because Ferrari want LaFerrari to perform at its optimum, and to do that it should be in the best condition and prepared for use on the Top Gear track.

Both manufacturers have a case and with the reputation of each company on the line, you can see why Ferrari are going to such lengths to ban owners from providing the BBC with a car. Whether they are right to do that is another matter and one that many motoring journals are unwilling to discuss in fear of exile from Ferrari.

From our perspective, and indeed many fans of both Ferrari and McLaren, we just want to see the bickering end. These cars are built to do this, so why be so shy about showing to the world just what they are capable of? Both the P1 and LaFerrari are sold out and so lost sales aren’t an issue. In my eyes a loss for either brand should merely result in engineers being even more motivated for the next model.

I am not Mr Clarkson’s biggest fan, but for once I agree with him. “Let’s just do this thing!”