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Caterham Builds a Motorbike


Caterham Brutus 750 profileYou know Caterham… The little British firm that produces that plucky Seven sports car and have built nothing but that for the past few decades. Well, Caterhams future is expanding faster than a food addicts waistline what with the announcement of the AeroSeven and their involvement in everything from F1 to gentleman’s racers. Oh and let us not forget their joint venture with Alpine! A new division of Caterham has been set up and it is one that will take the company in a never before seen direction.

Caterham Bikes is this new departments name and it is to produce, well, bikes… Dropping two wheels and entering the bike arena is a big challenge but the company already have a few prototypes. Named the Brutus 750, this go anywhere bike is to be the “SUV of motorcycles.” Using Formula One inspired technology Caterham have also created an electric bike with retro styling and another, dubbed the carbon, as a premium model.

To be introduced through 2014, it will be interesting to see where this new direction takes Caterham.

Caterham Classic e-bikeCaterham Carbon e-bike