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Caterham Seven 620S is a Fast Featherweight


Caterham Seven 620SThe Caterham Seven has a long history dating all the way back to its days as a Lotus. In a way that history is still very much part of the car today because, much like the Land Rover Defender, it has hardly changed since its inception decades ago. The British company produced the 620R last year which was quite simply the most bonkers car on four wheels. A good helping of power and no unnecessary weight meant it was a pint sized supercar sleigher. The new Caterham 620S adds some luxury touches.

When I say luxury touches, I mean that the Caterham Seven 620S incorporates a windscreen, roof and doors. The ability to keep the rain off of your head and retain arms inside the car has not come at the cost of performance. Weighing just 610 KG and packing 310 BHP from its four cylinder engine, it will get from 0-60 MPH in just 3.4 seconds. Doing some quick maths reveals a power to weight ratio of 508 BHP per tonne. Carbon fibre elements in the cabin and optional carbon seats help keep the mass down. That said, if you were feeling self-indulgent you can get the Caterham Seven 620S with heated seats.

A Caterham Seven 620S will cost you £44,995. Deliveries begin later in 2016.