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Catherham’s First New Car In 15 Years!


We all have differing opinions on kit-cars that you build yourself. For example the sheer amount of pride you receive once you have built your own car must be overwhelming, yet at the same time it is quite likely to become an obsession and result in you being estranged from family members and loosing friends. Catherham with the 7 is more than responsible for several marriage breakdowns but now they are producing an all-new model could it be time to put down the spanner?

Well in short no. This is the Catherham-Lola SP300 R and for now it is confined to the race track. The British company do have plans to produce a road-going variant that will no doubt result in men with tweed caps feeling very alone at Christmas. However the SP300 R is quite a machine and being co-engineered by Lola it wont be any slob. The car uses a supercharged Ford Duratec 300BHP engine that can propel it from 0-60MPH in 2.5 seconds! This is the companies first new car in over 15 years and the super aerodynamic racer is the ultimate evolution of the British sports car. £60,000 buys you all the racing equipment under the skin and entrance to a one make race series in 2012.