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Chevrolet’s new model… Made Of Play-Doh?


Chevrolet are really pushing hard to get their brand image to the current status of competitors. Of late they have made a series of rather entertaining adverts including one where a school teacher jumps a Camero off of a roof, no wonder it became the most viewed advert in history. Now the yanks are turning to more unconventional methods of grabbing attention. Are they going soft? Well quite literally yes.

On what would have been a perfectly normal day in London this arrives. It is a life size Chevrolet Orlando people carrier made from 1.5 tonnes of play-doh! The attention to detail is incredible yet the entire manufacturing process only took two weeks. The sculpture marks the UK launch of the Orlando though it drew a crowd the general consensus is that people were amazed by the craftsman ship and not the car itself. We agree, sorry Chevy.