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Chevrolet Bolt Concept Represents Electric Power to the People


Chevrolet Bolt Concept frontAt the Detroit Motor Show many are speculating whether Chevrolet have unlocked the magic formula between an affordable electric vehicle and not having to charge it up after you pop to the shops. Chevrolet Bolt Concept insideThe Bolt EV Concept can reportedly achieve a range of 200-miles and will cost around $30,000, which equates to around £19,800. The five-door crossover features a spacious interior enhanced by a glass roof. A narrow grille and slim LED headlights compliment the front of the Concept with very little overhang front and rear, a feature that General Motors’ design boss Ed Welburn aimed for as well as limit the Bolt’s small footprint.

Ed Wilburn then added, ”Form and function have never meshed so well together, no compromises were made when it came to aesthetics and the elements that contribute to the Bolt EV concept’s range, resulting in a unique proportion that’s sleek, efficient and obviously a Chevrolet.” The detached instrument cluster and the MyLink touchscreen all stay consistent with the current Chevrolet design.

This electric mainstream model could give Tesla something to worry about some are stating, but we won’t find out if this holds true or not until 2017 when it is due to be released. 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare an electric war!