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Chevrolet Mi-ray Is Part Rocket-Ship, Part Time-Machine


We love concept cars! They are the ultimate expression of freedom for a brand. A no holding back opportunity to show the world what the company has up its sleeve. This is why we are massively disappointed when bland concept cars arrive at a show stand. However I am very pleased to say that Chevrolet with their new Mi-ray show car has really captured our attention as it resembles something from the year 2097.

Mi-ray, meaning future in Korean, harks back to the days when the company literally made concept cars based on the space race. Up front in the car is two electric motors along with a 1.5 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine. Inside it is like being on the command deck of the death star with illuminated panels surrounding both roofless occupants. The Mi-ray has also been kept light thorough the use of extensive carbon fibre meaning the handling should match the incredible design.

We just love it but the big downside with true concept cars is that they are just that… A concept.