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Chevrolet Rally Colorado Concept Is One Mean Machine


Particularly in the US there is a huge pick-up truck culture. In the same way we see Audi and BMW owners squaring up to one another over the Atlantic the very same occurs with Ford and Chevy owners. Ford’s Raptor truck is an incredible machine with enough power to flatten mountains let alone go over them. So where is this lean-mean-4X4 machine’s antimatter? Well… Here.

This is the Chevrolet Rally Colorado Concept and it certainly looks like the sort of car, given half the chance, that would eat your children. Though a concept for now the Rally Colorado hints very strongly towards the design language of their next big truck. Powered by a 2.8 litre turbo-diesel this 4WD beast can pull over 4000KG! Roof lighting and winches clearly show that this truck is deadly serious about hitting the rough stuff.