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Chevrolet Unveil 2012 Sonic


Chevrolet hatchbacks are only generally sold to those on a budget and in need of a bargain quick. Quality neither deign are these cars strong point but price is often the only selling factor people need. The result is the many people, especially in the current economic climate, are driving around in cars that are more basic than ready saluted crisps and worse to drive than a shopping trolley with a wonky wheel. However Chevy’s new compact aims to change that.

First seen as the Aveo concept this is the all-new Sonic and it aims to change the image of Chevrolet in Europe. The funky new design gives the little car quite an aggressive stance and with a 1.8 litre four-cylinder engine it’s a bold attempt to live up to the little blue hedgehog. The car is also available with a 1.4 litre turbo capable of producing 138BHP, that’s more than the Fiesta.