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Chevy Takes Aim at Boss Mustang with 1LE


In our world of horsepower and tyre smoke when you mention “the boss” everyone knows exactly what you are talking about, and it is not the man who tells you what to do. The Boss Mustang is a legend and something Chevy has been at war with for decades. So think of the 1LE Camaro as their atom bomb.

Lining up for a headshot on the Boss is this, the 1LE. This performance package includes a horde of aggressive bodywork, front splitter, rear spoiler, tweaked breaks and 20 inch rims paired with some extra sticky rubber. Chevrolet say that this car will produce over 1G through the corners and that they too seek too go racing.

Chevy VS Ford. Men have died over this argument. The 1LE is set to cost under $40,000 when it hits showrooms as a 2013 model.