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Citroen DS3 Becomes Topless Model


Catching the last of the summer sun? You had better get out there and make the most of it as winter is snapping at your heals with its icy jaws. What you need is a little hatchback that not only offers all of the practicality you’re used to, but has the ability to peel back its lid when those rare bursts of sunlight make it through the clouds. Citroen may just have something that ticks all of the boxes…

Citroen’s hugely successful DS3 has seen glory not only in WRC but also in hatchback sales. The popular little car has really helped the French company relaunch the DS range withs great handling and future classic design. This is the new DS3 Cabrio and its cloth top means that when the weather is good, the sky really is the limit. Taking the same ethos of the Fiat 500, the fabric square retracts leaving all of the pillars in place to maintain rigidity. The DS3 Cabrio boasts that with the roof closed it is as quiet and refined as the standard car. Typically when a motor car goes roofless it gains a vast amount of weight in a bid to keep the chassis firm, but not this car. The weight gain is a mere 25KG, only 25% of what is considered normal according to Citroen.

The DS3 Cabrio will be available early 2013.