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Citroen DS4 Unveiled


To be completely honest since 2000 Citroen has been making utter rubbish. Yes cheap plastic containers on wheels meets the needs of one segment of the population but these days’ people expect comfortable seats as standard and not to be on the options list. This all changed with the new C5 that was much more like a German built car, high phrase indeed, but it still didn’t grab us. The re-launch of the company’s DS range and specifically the DS3 really did impress us. Stylish, well priced and a riot to drive it is a brilliant little car. So has Citroen broken the run of bland and basic cars with the DS3, or was it a one off? Well only the next car launch will tell, this is the DS4.

The Citroen DS4 is based on the C4, much the same as the DS3 is based in the C3, and boasts high levels of luxury with dynamic design. We must say it does look sharp and with a 370 litre boot it is to be extremely practical. The car will officially be launched at the Paris motor show so there aren’t too many details floating about. However is has been announced that the engines are as follows; 110BHP and 160 HDi diesels, VTi 120BHP THP 155BHP and THP200 petrol. High levels of economy and low CO2 emissions will make the DS4 cheap to run, but the car does only have a 2+2 seating arrangement meaning only 4 occupants at a time.

Sales in the UK will begin autumn next year.