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Citroen Metropolis Concept: “Luxury, the one thing the French won’t surrender!”


Now before we receive an inbox of complaints about the title of this post, I must stress that it is a joke! And to be perfectly honest 3 months ago if you Googled “French military victory’s” Google would reply with “did you mean French military losses?” Enough about people who can’t have a laugh and more about what is set to be an extraordinary car.

The Citroen Metropolis Concept will be officially unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show and appears to promote what the upcoming C6 replacement could look like. We loved the C6, as the one thing the French do better than most is big soft luxury cars. However the C6 is beginning to look a bit dated, so the designers have taken some styling cues from some their most glorious concepts such as the GT and incorporated them in the Metropolis. The car boasts high levels of luxury and masses of space, being 17.4ft long and 6.5ft wide, high levels of space are what you would expect.

The engine will be a 2.0 Litre V6 paired with an electric motor to keep the green police of its back. The cars platform will be four-wheel-drive and power ranges from a rather weedy 272BHP to a stonking 460BHP. Don’t expect 60MPH to arrive in a hurry as this car is all about style and elegance. We have high hopes that this concept will make it into production, especially as it will replace a much loved yet aging C6.