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Review: 2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition


2016 Honda Type R Black Edition frontWe have been there from the very beginning of the FK2 Honda Civic Type R. Its launch in Slovakia, and trial by fire on the infamous WTCC race track, left a lasting impression. Following that, Inside Lane was amongst the first to snag the keys in the UK to deliver a complete verdict on this hot hatchback. It being both fast and furious, we weren’t done yet! A road trip spanning Europe, crossing four countries, taking in two world famous race tracks along the way. The Type R did an impressive job at the Nurburgring, but really came of age on that journey, going from track weapon to road car several times over. Today we reach the final chapter for the FK2. This is the 2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition, 1 of the last 100 examples ever to be made.

This has to be just about the most sinister thing I have seen on2016 Honda Type R Black Edition profile four wheels. Looking like the spawn of the devil himself, this aggressive hatchback beckons you to turn to the dark side. Retaining all of the vents, ducts, blistered arches, and huge rear wing, the functional aero is rather intimidating to look at. Large jet black alloy wheels fill the arches as bright Brembo callipers lurk behind the spokes. Black Edition cars are denoted by blood red endplates on the wing.

The interior experiences the biggest changes for this limited run machine. Anodised red trim has been added to the dashboard bringing some of the exterior theatrics inside. An Android based touchscreen infotainment display remains. The large, testosterone 2016 Honda Type R Black Edition seatsinjected, racing seats have had their colours reversed. Now black with red detailing, these man eating posts match the evil tone of this model. The rear still seats a further two with ample head and leg room. As before, the boot is a class leading xx litres.

Mechanically the 2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition remains identical, but that doesn’t make it any less potent. A turbocharge 2.0 litre VTEC engine produces 306 BHP and a colossal 400Nm of torque. Performance potential is sent to the front wheels via a 6 speed manual transmission with an enormously satisfying rifle bolt-esc motion. Whist “306 BHP” and “front wheels” in he same sentence may have some running for the hills, Honda engineers appear to have used sciences to defy physics. A trick limited slip front differential combined with intuitive Dual Axis Suspension dramatically minimises torque steer and focuses the Type R package. Berrying your foot in the carpet reveals a whiff of turbo lag, but once that turbine under the bonnet is spooled, particularly around 3,000rpm, hold on tight! This car pulls like a train with seemingly unrelenting acceleration. Sure, it isn’t the VTEC screamer of old, but this new torque defined character is just as addictive. 0-62 MPH in done in 5.7 seconds and its top speed, and I can tell you from personal experience in Germany that it will do it, is 167 MPH. As the needle chases the redline, LED shifter lights coach you on the perfect shift from that gratifying gearbox. Pitch the Type R Black Edition into a fast bend and feel those continental tyres bite hard into the tarmac. On a damp day you need to modulate the throttle to get the most out of the Type R, but on a dry bit of tarmac it is near untouchable. Strong command over body roll, precise turn-in, great connection to the road, all teamed with huge Brembo brakes makes for an2016 Honda Type R Black Edition ice enthralling drive. However, there is a means to turn things up beyond 11… Hit the +R button and there is a change to the car that goes far beyond the dashboard going red. The dampers firm up, the steering weight increases, and a new torque map is applied to the engine. In this state the Black Edition is a real weapon. It is unrelenting in the way it disposes of apexes, like some form of hitman with a precision rifle. There is a real man and machine connection as confidence in what the car can do builds. That said, on our rutted British tarmac the stiffer dampers have a tendency to upset the car and reduces the ride comfort to that akin to falling down a spiral staircase. This button is amazing on track, but that is where Mad Max mode belongs, it’s not the ideal setup for going to the supermarket. In normal more the car still has a firm ride, but it is notably more apt for public roads. Fuel economy isn’y bad either with Honda claiming xx MPG combined.

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition is an automotive aphrodisiac of the most intoxicating kind. This car marks the changing of the guard as the new car is introduced later this year, and whilst that is exciting, this testosterone filled hot hatchback will be missed. With a short overall product lifecycle, the FK2 Type R is sure to become a collectors item. The 1 of 100 Black Edition even more so! Better yet, this rare beast costs the same £32,300 as a GT.

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