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Civic Type R Road Trip: Day 2 The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of VTEC


Type R road trip VTEC profileAfter a pulse raising day on the Nurburgring putting our 2016 Honda Civic Type R through its paces, day 2 would be more refined but no less important. Whilst the performance element of the Type R is a very key factor if this car, the fact that it is a hot hatchback means it must be able to knuckle down and get on with being a family car. This trip covers over 1,500 miles and so these VTEC powered pocket rockets must prove to be durable as well as fast.

As we scythed through the German landscape, our fly spattered Championship White Type R felt no more worn than before its antics at the “green hell” the day before. No knocking, no buzzing noises, no creaking. Honda’s famed build quality had put up with a beating and the machine was very happy to hit public roads once more. Undulating terrain was met with a healthy shove of torque further highlighting just how usable this latest generation Type R is. A final autobahn blast saw the speedo read 245kph or about 152 MPH. The Civic reached this milestone with ease and would have continued to pull had we not come across traffic. It felt stable and the sense of acceleration was unrelenting. Best of all it was all totally legal!

Exiting Germany and into Austria we found ourselves on a Type R road trip VTEC pairtantalising stretch of road that twisted and turned with the landscape. These hills were alive with the sound of VTEC and the pin sharp steering in +R mode was a joy to exploit. The car sweet 6 speed manual transmission was the ideal companion for a great stretch of road. Skirting over the boarder into the Czech Republic for lunch, the scenery laid out before us was beautiful. Vast lakes and greenery surrounded the Type R. However, Austria was where the fun was to continue and so after drawing a bit of a crowd at our lunch stop, we headed back over the boarder. A series of zig zagging hairpin bends created us as the Type R ascended the hillside. This car is an involving drive and it felt great to be in the thick of it when the road demanded man and machine to work together.

Arriving in Vienna for our next overnight stop gave our now filthy traveling companion the opportunity to rest. Not that it needed it, but I was in need of refuelling after clocking up many miles. This car continues to impress even a year after the first time of driving it. On smooth but thoroughly entertaining European roads teamed with a beautiful sunny day, the Type R was in its element.

Tomorrow these 2.0 litre turbocharged VTEC beauties head to Budapest.

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