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Classic Cars To Become Exempt From MoT


Owning and running a car these days is an expensive business. Fuel prices are at extortionate levels, road tax further drains your bank balance, and lets not forget that pesky congestion zone in London. Taking pride in a classic car is even more costly as parts don’t come cheap. However, in a rare turn of events the government is looking to help the motorist out, specifically those running a classic car.

From November cars registered in 1960 or prior will no longer have to hold an MoT to drive on UK roads. Roads minister Mike Penning says “they don’t need to be told to look after them, they’re out in all weathers checking the condition of the engine, tyres and bodywork.” The man does have a point and the annual saving wouldn’t be snuffed at. We are all for the changes but do have one slight hesitation. Many people do take good care of their classic cars, but what of the man who doesn’t? Is his car going to be safe? I must stress this is not an objection, simply food for thought.