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Coming soon to Inside Lane


Lamborghini MiuraHello folks, Tyler here and “have I got news for you.” Last night all of us at Inside Lane got together for one of our planning meetings to review the past few months as well as start putting things together for the future. After all of the boring bits involving line graphs and analysing dull things, we grabbed a beer and got down to the much more exciting part of our gathering. Over the next few months some big changes are coming to the site providing new features we hope you will love. Here is a heads-up on how we are going to put you in the driver’s seat.


The reviews page will be changing to give you a better perspective of the road test we offer. Instead of a long list of the most popular cars, we intend to break them down into categories such as hatchbacks and SUVs making it easier to find the review in our archives that you are after. Also a new rating system for each car that we test will be rolled out enabling you to compare one competitor to another, something you guys have been asking for.


Inside Lane will be exercising its right to wolf whistle at women and read The Sun whilst testing the latest vans on the market. From big to small, this segment shall provide honest reviews, just like we do with cars, but focus in on what van buyers really need to know.


We shall be launching an all-new podcast with a revised format. It will be available to stream and shall still be downloadable via iTunes. More details to come…


A new segment on the site that will feature articles that are motoring related in one way or another. Rants, ideas, food for thought from our journalists will find a home on this new page.

Video Reviews

We have done video reviews for a while but now we intend to publish regular items. With their own dedicated page it will now be even easier to watch videos that feature on our YouTube channel.

New Regular Features

Beginning very soon we have new weekly features which will no doubt have you guys and girls coming back regularly for the next instalment. “McLaren Legends” will go through the history of the legendary McLaren team. Drivers, motorsport and road legal cars will feature. “Throwback Thursday” will, as the name suggests, bring you an article on a car from the past every Thursday. Miss out on any of this and you will also find a “week in review” piece neatly bundling together anything you might not have seen.

So there you have it. Look out for all of this over the next few months as well as our usual offering of news and reviews.