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Corvette C6 Gets 60th Anniversary Treatment


Manufacturers throughout their lifespan come across key milestones from the past. Each has their own way of marking them, be it with a special edition or an event of some description. This year the Chevy Corvette turns 60 and with the C6 disappearing soon, the Americans have made a real effort with this Birthday gift to itself.

This is the Corvette C6 convertible 427 and it is all muscle. How does 505BHP and 470lb-ft of torque sound? The beast gets 19 inch rims on the front and 20’s on the rear just to make sure that the angular stance of the car is intimidating enough. A 6 speed manual is the only transmission avalible meaning that you can slam through the gears to 60MPH in just 3.8 seconds. The 427’s top speed is 190MPH.