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Corvette ZR1Becomes Cheap As Chips


You can say what you like about American built cars, quite often we speak our minds, but there is one thing that you can’t fault them on and that is value for money. As far as “bangs for your bucks” ratio is concerned they score highly offering edge of your seat thrills for half the price of their European competitors. Yes they have their faults and thus you can justify the European price tag on other cars but the ZR1 in particular is brilliant value, and now it’s got even better…

Chevrolet now has a backlog of 500 ZR1’s that simply are not being bought and so the incentives are out in force. You can now get $3000 off this 647BHP V8 on any 2010 model and that includes launch control as standard. If you’re quick enough you can get $5000 off the few remaining 20o9 models but these don’t come with the much recommended launch control.

So there you go, who said Inside Lane doesn’t do sensible consumer advice?