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Cosworth Impreza Specifications Emerge


One of the most anticipated partnerships in the automotive industry between Subaru and legendary engine-works Cosworth! There are still no images of the fruit of their labour, however we are now able to reveal the following technical specifications, and they make for some intriguing reading…

The new car will have the power of 395 rampant horses that will accelerate this car to 62MPH in a mind blowing 3.7 seconds, THATS SUPER CAR TERRITORY! Bear in mind that this is still a four-door hatch-back and not a Lamborghini. It has been confirmed to be all-wheel-drive and that it shares its break manufacturer with Bugatti.

Cosworth have given the car a good going over modifying the suspension; exhaust, doors and interior. Dubbed the Cosworth Impreza STI CS400, Subaru have confirmed that they will only build 75 of these monsters. Does this mark the re-ignition of the Hot-Hatch war?