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Crazy Citroen Van is Pure French Fantasy


Motor shows are seen as different opportunities dependent on the manufacturer. Some will use the show to launch a new model, others to preview a new design direction. Some, however, attend just to throw a spanner in the works. Enter Citroen and a van that has been designed using hallucinogenic monkeys.

This is the Citroen Tubik Concept, a van that was created simply because the French company was bored. The bare aluminium skin and tubular body do make the Tubik look like something from the future. Inside it resembles a lounge from a club in 1964 more than anything with plush purple sofas and psychedelic lighting. It’s interesting but a complete waste of time in our eyes. Citroen, stop building quirky concepts that will never make it to market and hurry up with that cheap sports car you promised us!