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Dagger GT claims 300MPH and Road Legal


With Bugatti pushing the boundaries of engineering even further with the announcement of the Veyron Super Sport, it was only a matter of time before contenders set their sights on the unclaimed 300MPH barrier. The new Bugatti will reach 268MPH up from 253 but it did require an extra 199BHP to get there. Enter Dagger a new hyper car producer that claims it will build the world’s first 300MPH car with 2,000BHP.

Named the GT this low slung combatant is what the team at dagger want to achieve. These guys mean business as they have employed some of the world’s top aerodynamicists and designers. The projected 0-60MPH is a staggering 1.5 seconds and torque is looking to be around the 2,000lb mark. Cost? A rather good value for money ratio of £300,000

It’s all well and good saying that this is what you intend to do, but as I’m sure these guys will find that you need so much more than power to reach a goal like that. If it was an easy task VW (who own Bugatti) would have done it by now. Nevertheless Dagger intends to have the first car finish by 2011. We’ll wait and see.


  1. this car is a waste of money and 300 mph it will not be allowed on the road without it being restricted and you could buy a nicer road car like a hyundai i30 for 12,000 instead of wasting 300,000 grand. and the colour on the picture looks shit