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Delta Motorsport Build 150MPH Electric Car


Electric cars are slowly growing in popularity with more and more adopting the alternative method of fueling their journeys. However there has always been downfalls with the plug-in car that come in various shapes. Range is a key one but performance is another. Sure the surge in torque is instant, something we loved about the Nissan LEAF, but each and every one of them lacks something at the top end. Delta attempt to fix that with the E-4.

Delta Motorsport has announced its E-4 coupe that is capable of doing 150MPH. The all electric car boasts an impressive 0-60MPH of 5 seconds and better yet, a 200 mile range. This is all due to its weight or lack of it. It’s carbon composite chassis and other light components make it 2/3 of the weight of a steel equivalent. 600Nm of torque is readily available from its 120BHP motor.