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Diary of a Motoring Journalist: Part 2


2015 Ford S-MAX rearApologies for the tardy nature of this instalment, there has been plenty going on over the past week and I’ve only just found time to lash together these words for you. So what has kept me so busy? Diary of a Motoring Journalist tells all.

Last week, after a Mercedes-Benz Vito launch, we took delivery of not one, but two Mazda MX-5. The reason? Besides the fact that they are good fun and the sun has been making an appearance inMX-5 group the UK, we had planned an MX-5 road trip along the south coast. One car was a brand new MK3 Roadster with just 1,000 miles on it and the other a beautiful blue MK1. I currently own a MK1 example myself but, like many journalists, secondary cars tend to live in the garage. The 1.8 litre original car we were sent also happened to be in the studio on the very last episode of Top Gear. Our trip went well being joined by another MK3 as well as a MK2. Fun in the forest followed by coastal roads. Perfection! Read all about the MX-5 road trip HERE.

Then came the New York motor show. Whilst I did not attend this year my colleagues and I still covered the major news from the USA. For me the McLaren 570S was the star of this particular show.

Then came the launch of the Ford C-Max and S-Max in Majorca. Whilst I will stress that this job isn’t all glamour, trips abroad to test cars that are not yet on sale are a highlight. Catching up with the brilliant Ford PR team, we boarded our jet and headed for the Spanish island. Driving from the airport to the hotel was tiering after a four hour delay due to the French strikes, but worth it to sample the rather good C-MAX. The narrow roads lead us to the 14th century building which hosted us for the night. Fine food and a Birthday drink or two for a fellow journalist closed the day. Day two was all about the new S-Max, but I can’t tell you about that until 27/04/2015 thanks to an embargo. A good day of driving though! Further delays almost resulted in us spending a forced second night in Majorca, but luckily we managed to get the last flight out. I did feel a bit guilty walking past all of the families who didn’t manage to get back to the UK.

At home I returned to find that my personal MR2 has yet another puncture, not best pleased, and so I’ve spent the morning sourcing a new tyre and fitting the next to useless space saver spare wheel. I am under a bit of time pressure to writeup the events of the past few days as next week is so very busy, but I shall tell you all about that in the next instalment. Expect some McLaren fun…