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DMC To Produce Electric DeLorean, “Great Scot!”


If you were to list the 100 most symbolic cars of all time the DeLorean DMC-12 would easily enter the top 5. Though the time-traveling sports car failed to impress with its performance, or lack of, the car was loved for its design and ever cool gullwing doors. The DeLorean today isn’t dead as the DeLorean Motor Company still build DMC-12’s in Texas. News is that an electric time machine is on its way.

Disappointingly not powered by a flux capacitor, the EV is due in 2013. Bringing something in the region of 260BHP and a top speed of 125MPH, the reborn DMC-12 could just become the worlds most desirable electric car. Details on economy have yet to be released but the car is predicted to cost around £60,000.

Turns out the future could just come from 1981…