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Dodge Challenger ACR Rumbles Into SEMA Show


The people that make up tuning company Mopar are a little crazy, but obviously very gifted as a byproduct. They would have to be after producing a masterpiece such as the Dodge Viper ACR that currently holds the lap record at the Nürburgring. It’s time for the SEMA show again and Mopar are turning up with this mean beast….

Named the Challenger SRT8 ACR, it shares the same racing aspirations as the Viper. With matching paint and new 20 inch rims playing nice with the exterior, you would be a fool to think that this special was just about visual appearance. A front splitter increases downforce whilst upgraded suspension further aids the cars handling. Also a burly new exhaust not only adds power but makes dam sure everyone can hear that rumbling V8 under the bonnet.