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Enjoy the Sound of Silence with Ford’s New Active Noise Control Tech


New Ford Technology Can Make Your Car Work Like Noise Cancelling Headphones-1We’ve all been there. Whether seated just metres from the one screaming baby on the flight, crammed into a reverberating tin can of a tube train or driven to distraction by a flat-mate’s violin lessons, peace and solace can always be found in between a pair of headphones. Retreating into your own private world with your own personal, uninterrupted tunes is the perfect antidote to even the most incessant of rackets.

Now, the same noise-cancelling technology that underpins the very latest state-of-the-art headphones is coming to the world of motoring in the form of Ford’s newly developed Active Noise Control system.

The principle may be simple enough but that in no way diminishes the ingenuity of Ford’s latest acoustic wizardry. Active Noise Control uses three microphones, strategically placed around the cabin, to detect unwanted murmurings from the engine that permeate into the cabin. This sound is counteracted and flushed out by opposing sound waves generated by the car’s standard-issue audio system, all without affecting volume levels of music and conversation. The acoustic tech can even pre-empt your every move at the wheel and weed out undesirable sounds accordingly, for example when a driver accelerates in a lower gear.

Active Noise Control is the brainchild of Ford’s collaboration with sound engineers at Sony. This two-pronged attack consisted of extensive hours tuning the sophisticated 12-speaker audio system aboard Ford’s flagship Vignale saloon to deliver an exceptional and fully customisable acoustic experience on the road.

Active Noise Control is set to debut on the new generation Ford Mondeo Vignale saloon before being subsequently rolled out on other Ford vehicles, including the all-new 2016 Ford Edge.