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Eterniti Super SUV Unveiled


Eterniti are a new manufacturer from London who aim to bring new levels of luxury and performance to the market. After some rather cryptic clues and shadowed pictures it was announced that they were building a “super SUV”, a new market that is opening up over the next few years. Bentley are going all guns to produce their mega 4X4, but Eternity are very much the first to arrive. So what have they brought to the party?

Called the Hemera, you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s a Porsche Cayenne but this is about as reengineered as it gets. Inside triumphantly high levels of quality garnish the cabin. iPad’s, a fridge and reclining seats all play their part. But what exactly makes this car super? How about 620BHP? Yeah, that should do it… Top speed is 180MPH, limited obviously, and the car is equipped with four-wheel-drive.