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EU Emissions Tests are Killing Prestige Car Brands


Jaguar Project 7Now before I have the entirety of Green Peace breaking down my door demanding that I be hung for slating the EU over strict CO2 laws, allow me to tell a tale of woe that is currently unfolding. By 2020 the European Union want all car manufactures to meet a very strict average output of CO2 per car across their entire fleet. I don’t have a problem with that, after all I have to live on planet Earth too. What I do have a problem with, however, is how it puts many prestige car brands in a headlock and forces them to build cars that corrupt their image.

I was just reading today that Jaguar is evaluating a small front wheel drive city car because their performance cars, though with greatly improved emissions, couldn’t hope to meet the new laws. The result is that they must now look to produce a car that will lower their average across the fleet and thus we have the legendary Jaguar just two steps away from shovelling out a machine that doesn’t represent them in the slightest. This process has already started across the industry with Aston Martin, a symbol of British sports car excellence, churning out re-badged Toyota iQ.

These grand companies that have built their name in motorsport and performance are bent over a barrel with nowhere to turn. From what I have heard many of these little eco cars won’t even turn a profit for a performance car manufacturer. Should Ferrari build a hybrid hatchback? Lamborghini a diesel 4X4? It just isn’t right if you ask me.