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Evo Drive the Eagle E-Type Low Drag GT


Eagle E-Type Low Drag GT EVOThe Jaguar E-Type is a legendary machine. Its proud long bonnet and short rear proportions are instantly recognisable as one of the most successful sports cars of all time. We have been lucky enough to test a 1966 Jaguar E-Type and loved not only the way it looked, but the way it drove. By now I’m sure you will have heard of a British company called Eagle. For those of you who don’t know, Eagle specialise in restoring E-Types as well as building the gorgeous Eagle Speedster. The Speedster is effectively a greatest hits of the E-Type but with modern-day sports car performance.

Eagle have had a burning desire to go one step further than the Speedster. Introducing the Eagle E-Type Low Drag GT, a highly capable machine that draws inspiration from the low drag Jaguar E-Types. Evo recently spent some time with the car and sampled its 4.7 litre all-aluminium engine. Watch and listen to this incredible car take on some British country roads as it simply seduces you.