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F1 World Champions Red Bull Unveil RB7


Last season the Red Bull RB6 was undoubtably the most advanced car on the grid. Genius design from Adrian Newey meant the car was in a league of its own leaving all the other teams to play catch up. However reliability was the issue throughout 2010 and cost the team many valuable points. Despite this they won 9 out of 19 races yet started on pole for 15 of them. Today the car that is to defend the teams title has been revealed, ladies and gentlemen the RB7.

Both car wearing 1 and 2 earned from victory in 2010 gives the team a huge boost of confidence but can this car live up to the reputation of its predecessor, the RB6? Presumably the car is more mechanically sound to avoid the repetition of bowing out in a cloud of smoke.

Potential winner? It is far too soon to tell but lets just say I wouldn’t bet against them.