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Facelifted BMW X1 Shows Itself


It happens to the best of them… That time when sales start to dip, competitors begin to close in and that once brand new model doesn’t look quite so fresh anymore. Remembering that developing a new car is no cheap affair, tweaking a model in its twilight can extend the lifespan greatly. BMW’s miniature SUV goes under the knife for 2012.

Also to be sold in the USA for the first time, the new BMW X1 receives styling alterations that gives it a more premium shine. The black plastics found on the grill have been replaced with chrome, the lights are now LED, and the cabin should please anyone looking to maintain an affluent appearance. Only two models will be available in the US to being with; the 2.0 litre turbo in-line four cylinder with 245BHP and the 306BHP 3.0 litre with all wheel drive.

The refreshed model will hit UK showrooms in May.