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Farewell Ferrari 612 Scaglietti


The prancing horse is a potent symbol known the world over. It is an image that provokes   thoughts of innate performance and prestige. Born out of racing every car to wear the badge displays its pedigree and heritage be it a model for the track or the road. Over the years Ferrari customers tastes and wants have broadened and so too has the range of Italian stallions but all maintaining the same aim. Performance at its highest level.

In 2004 Ferrari unveiled the 612 Scaglietti to the world. The car gets its name from famed designer Sergio Scaglietti of the 1950’s who designed many Ferrari’s. I was but a boy when this car arrived and despite it being unlike any Ferrari I had admired before it I became rather attached. The luxurious 2+2 GT was powered by a 5.7 litre V12, the beating heart at the top of the Ferrari range. Though this was by far the most practical car the company had ever sold it promised the same thrill that you got out of a 360 but for all four occupants.

A few years ago I got my chance to review the car professionally and by god did it live up to its reputation! Everything about it was so focused on keeping its cargo comfortable yet one press of the noisy peddle and there you are at the peek of performance motoring. By then the car hadreceived a few tweaks such as snazzy glass roof that could darken at the touch of a button but the 0-62MPH time of 4.3 seconds was all that was necessary.

Ferrari has just announced this cars successor, the FF, and so ends an era. I have absolutely no doubt that the FF will be a sublime car and surpass the 612 in every way, but when I see one of these in a car park I will always think of it as Ferrari’s 2+2 GT of my generation.

Arrivederci Ferrari 612 Scaglietti…