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Fastest Mini Ever Unveiled


The cheeky little car of the 60’s that ultimately became classless and loved the world over is a true motoring icon. Making its name in the original Italian Job as a very capable little car, not to mention winning multiple rallies and motorsport events, the Mini badge is something that has value beyond the sum of its parts. BMW may own Mini these days but the brand hasn’t lost any of its charm. Now the worlds most famous small car gives itself to the world in its fastest flavor ever.

This is the Mini John Cooper Works GP, a Mini that has been turned up beyond 11. The cars four cylinder turbocharged engine now pumps out 218BHP that is good for propelling it from 0-62MPH in 6.3 seconds. Top speed is 150MPH which is rather high considering what sort of car this machine stems from. Fully adjustable suspension can be found under the ASBO inspires bodywork and the GP overall only weighs in at 1,160KG. There is no two ways about it, this car is serious bit of kit. The previously mentioned bodywork alterations aren’t just for show either, the splitter and spoiler work together with the more ridged chassis allowing for better cornering performance.

Just 2,000 units will be produced at a cost of £28,790 a pop.