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Ferrari 599 GTO Officially Official: Updated


With rumours surrounding the myth of the 599 GTO the reality has been lost within speculation. The cars existence was only confirmed last week via a cheeky mobile phone picture. However, Ferrari themselves are so excited about this car that they have unveiled it before its scheduled visit to the Beijing motor show. The GTO nameplate stems from some of Ferraris most legendary cars such as the 250GTO and 288GTO. SO this road going racer has high expectations, and thankfully it won’t disappoint…

The 6.0 litre V12 under the bonnet is upped from 612BHP to a mammoth 661BHP! 195KG of weight has been shed to enable a 0-62mph sprint in 3.35 seconds and go on to do over 208MPH. It gets better still as it has lapped the Ferrari test track in 1 minute 24 seconds, FASTER THAN AN ENZO. This makes it Ferrari’s fastest road car in its history!

New aero dynamics means that the cars profile has become rather meaty with new sills, spoiler, and diffuser, not to mention the vented bonnet and those seductive 20inch rims.

You want one don’t you? We sure do, but at £300,000 I think the closest we’ll get is a test-drive. 599 of these monsters will be built so if I were you I would be on the phone to Marinello right now.


Ferrari are now letting you configure your own 599 GTO with biblical consequences. Check out ours in Daytona blue and CLICK HERE to build your own.