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Ferrari 599XX Evolution Is Pure EVIL


For those unfamiliar with Ferrari’s XX program here are the head lines. Ferrari build a very specific number of test cars labeled XX. These are a pure track monsters used to develop new technologies that go into road cars. The prancing horse allows the wealthy to drive these cars for them at a princely sum whilst they collect data. The 599XX was incredible but the Italians have now fed the back beauty raw adrenaline.

This snarling, fire breathing beast is the 599XX Evolution. More focus, more technologically advanced, and just more of everything in general. The car weighs 35KG less than the standard 599XX, that is if there is such a thing as a standard 599XX. The biggest change, however, is the cars new mounted rear wing that is taken directly from Formula One. It features DRS (drag reduction system) that opens a flap in the wing at high speeds reducing drag and increasing the cars top speed. The wing is electronically programed not to open whilst going around a corner to maintain downforce when it is required.

This isn’t just interesting from the perspective this car, but also from Ferrari as a supercar manufacturer. How long before a road car has DRS?