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Ferrari F12 TRS Barchetta Breaks Cover in Sicily


Ferrari F12 TRSFor connoisseurs of the finest four-wheeled phenomena that money can buy, the Mediterranean island of Sicily is the place to be in the month of June. Since 2011, this little piece of paradise has played host to Ferrari’s annual Cavalcade, a two day showcase of the prancing horse’s most exclusive creations. Amongst this year’s ninety-strong field, one car in particular caught the eye, in the enticing form of the strictly one-off Ferrari F12 TRS barchetta.

Based on Ferrari’s fastest ever road production car, the F12 berlinetta, we first revealed details of Ferrari’s secret TRS project several months ago when word got out that a certain un-named and deep-pocketed client had placed a $4,200,000 cheque on Maranello’s table and asked the design gurus to get imaginative with his or her F12. The result finally surfaced this weekend in Sicily. As gleaned from the leaked details, this special edition F12 not only loses its roof but also features some major design revisions. This extreme, two-seater, open-top sports barchetta may be crafted from the most cutting-edge elements of racing technology, however its design is in fact inspired by the classic Ferrari Gran Tourers of the 1950’s, in particular the legendary 1957 250 Testa Rossa, from where it draws the TRS moniker.

Besides the obvious absence of a roof, amongst the most radical of the exterior revisions is the bonnet window which exposes the belly of the beast, displaying the engine’s signature red cylinder heads. The nose is also slightly more chiselled on the TRS, lending it an even more aggressively sculpted appearance than the berlinetta model. From the back, the T-shaped facia that characterises the F12’s tail is sharper than before, the top of which flows seamlessly in to the rear spoiler.

A quick peek through that bonnet-mounted window reveals quite a view; the same biblical 6.3 litre V12 responsible for the F12 berlinetta’s earth-shattering performance figures of 730bhp and 509lb/ft of torque that propel the barchetta from a standstill to 62 in 3.1 seconds flat.
Unlike the powertrain, the cockpit has undergone several changes and does away with many of the berlinetta’s comfort-orientated fineries to leave just the barest driving essentials. Air conditioning controls, glove compartment, central air vents, mats, audio system and window controls have all been jettisoned in favour of a stripped-back and sparse track feel. Finally, the F12 barchetta gets a unique multi-layer twist on Ferrari’s signature red livery which also adorns the interior door panels.

We send our not-at-all envious regards in the direction of this mystery client as he or she heads off in to the Sicilian sunset to get acquainted with their new $4,200,000 plaything.