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Ferrari F150 Revealed


Ferrari is the worlds most famous and recognized brand. There road cars in every incarnation are epic examples of what a performance machine can be and no matter what your opinions are, there is nothing quite like a Ferrari. The company has always held firm to Enzo Ferrari’s beliefs that the motorsport where the badge was born is first and foremost. Today they have announced their 2011 Formula One competitor.

Named the F150, to celebrate 150 years of Italy’s union, the car takes onboard what the new regulations have to offer. The car has an adjustable rear wing that can boost aerodynamic efficiency both down the straights and around the bends. The F150 is also equipped with KERS allowing for a boost of power from a battery stored in the chassis generated by magnets in the breaks.

Come March 3rd this Italian stallion will we at the forefront when the lights go green.