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Ferrari Forced To Recall 458 and California


Car recalls are nothing out of the ordinary. When you mass produce a vast quantity of cars all it takes is something small to go wrong in the assembly and all of a sudden you have a batch of cars that need attention. The miscreant motors are attended to at no cost and 9/10 times that is the end of it. However, if you make limited number cars and are as famous as say Ferrari, the world tends to take a bit of notice.

The prancing horse has been forced to recall select 458 Italia’s and California models due to a poor crankshaft coating. This causes vibrations and can then lead to permanent engine damage, not what you want for your pride and joy. Only 206 cars in total are affected and of them only 16 of the total reside in the UK. Owners are being contacted to arrange for work to do be completed at their nearest dealer.