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Ferrari Formula One Concept Car Points to 1000BHP Future


Ferrari Formula One Concept frontUsually concept cars are reserved for the likes of public motor shows and manufacturers previewing future design direction. These cars than go on to influence production models if well received. Today Ferrari has unveiled a concept car, but not for the Geneva motor show or even from its road car division. This highly unusual move is to illustrate the future direction F1 is to take. The striking Ferrari Formula One Concept could be the future of this motorsport.

Currently there are ongoing discussions about the 2016 and 2017 regulations for Formula One. Last year saw the introduction of new 1.6 litre hybrid V6 engines and lowered noses. T.V. viewership ofFerrari Formula One Concept rear the sport has declined over the past few years and so organisers are working on ways to increase the spectacle over the next few seasons. Strict rules have created a grid of similar looking cars with each team coming to roughly the same conclusions as to how the car is formed. The Ferrari Formula One Concept presents a new set of body regulations that allow for much more freedom in design. These images have been presented alongside solutions from McLaren, although theirs are not being shown publicly and are not as radical, to get creative juices flowing. Other changes under consideration are wider rear tyres and up to 1,000BHP from the V6 engines.

Small changes are to be introduced for 2016, likely wider tyres or lower rear wings, but a dramatic overhaul of the rules for 2017 is exactly what is being discussed this week.