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Ferrari Going Green?


When you think about Ferrari you are met with the idea of speed, passion, design and great admiration of the worlds most recognised brand. But what you don’t think Ferrari to be is a tree hugging, anti-emissions flagship. You would be criminally insane to believe that especially as the company has just announced the 661BHP SA Aperta at the Paris motor show. However Ferrari did also bring something to keep the green party quiet in the form of a California.

Ferrari is not exempt from the growing emissions laws that are choking the industry and so they, like many others, must bend to their will. We saw the first enviro-attempt from Ferrari in Geneva with its Hy-Kers Concept but now they bring forth the Ferrari California equipped with what they call a HELE system (High Emotion Low Emissions.) In assents it is a system that optimises the cars on-board systems for maximum efficiency. So things like the fuel pump when the air-conditioning is on changes its behaviour to reduce overall emissions produced. Also start/stop technology has been incorporated to reduce fuel consumption, but the system has been designed so that it doesn’t hinder the car in anyway. The engine can now start in under 0.230 seconds making the addition of the technology near unnoticeable. There have been many other tweaks, including aerodynamics, to make the California produce 23% less of the emissions it used to.

Ferrari’s eco-pacification doesn’t stop there as next year it has been announced that some road cars will receive F1 inspired KERS.