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Ferrari Hit Record Number of Cars Delivered


The prancing horse is the most globally recognised logo and the world associates it with just one thing… Ferrari. The Italian stallion that was born on track and tamed for the road is ever growing in popularity and with a strong model range today the road division is doing better than ever. In fact it has hit new records in the first half of this year.

Ordering a Ferrari is a very special process but what isn’t is the potential waiting that must be done in order to take your stallion for its first ride. However, Ferrari are combating this as best they can and as of the 27th of July they had produced a record number of cars. 3,577 cars have left the factory in the past six months, up 11.8% on last year.  This is due to increased production and the worlds thirst for Italy’s latest offering, the FF. The 458 Challenge racer has also contributed 176 units to the count, making it a very successful period for Ferrari.