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Ferrari Launch “Ugly Duckling” 2012 F1 Contender


Formula One cars have never been beautiful. They are pure function and as there is no beauty contest in the sport, there is no purpose for vanity. Due to new regulations the hight of a cars nose must now be considerably lower than the bulkhead. This leaves teams with two options… A) give the nose an aggressive angle, or B) introduce an ugly “stepped nose.” Ferrari have done the latter.

Frightening children with its horrific appearance, this is the F2012. It really is repulsive to look at and even Ferrari’s team principle describes it as being “not aesthetically pleasing.” Regardless this will lead the Italians hard charge for a much needed championship win after several disappointing  seasons. Though the infamous “blown diffuser” is banned this stallion now channels exhaust gasses along the floor aiding in airflow. How competitive the car is still remains to be seen.