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Ferrari Lets Wealthy Owners Play in the Snow


If you own any Ferrari you should have that unrelenting sensation to let it off the chain every now and then. Perhaps if you have a mid-engined V8 model you might take it along to a track and put that F1 tech to use. If you own a long legged V12 a mountainous road is sure to please. But what if you have the new FF, Ferrari’s first all-wheel-drive car? The prancing horse might just have something for you…

In January 2012 any Ferrari owner can attend this two day corse designed to put the FF through its paces. The snow filled landscape of Aspen has been selected and the event itself is set to impress. Well, you would hope so at a cost of £7,277. Guests will stay at the resorts finest hotel and get full use of the facility. Don’t worry about shipping your car overseas either as Ferrari will provide 8 specially prepared FF’s for this event.